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Our Academies

Football Coaching Academy

Improvement of individual technical skills and abilities.

Our belief is if coaches are taught correctly, they will become better teachers for the kids. And in return, if the kids are taught correctly, their techniques and skills will improve significantly. We will then end up producing better footballers for the future.

What is Concept4Soccer?

"Concept4Soccer is a professional coaching programme for young players, aged 6 to 15 years. Our coaching programme focuses on the technical aspects of the game, built around the 4 concepts ...

  • Acquire
  • Develop
  • Master
  • Employ

At each stage the child will learn co-ordination, boost their strength and stamina, build their confidence and become better soccer players. We teach the players to use their brain and foot, as they would their brain and hand in school. We relate training drills to skills that they see players on television doing and through repetition make this easy for them.

Ultimately we aim to make each child a better player in all aspects of his game, technical, physical and mental.” – Gwynne Berry

Rugby Coaching Academy

Grassroots Rugby looks to develop and focus on the grassroots levels. We will seek to grow the skill level and abilities of the individual and also help with the understanding of the game. We looking to create a love and passion for our wonderful game of rugby.

  • Promote safety and sportsmanship.
  • Ball skills
  • Tackling technique
  • Cleaning out/contact aspect of the game
  • Specializing in the individual growth and development of players
  • One-on-one skills
  • Position specific training.

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